Website Maintenance & Security


  • Secure Backups (Weekly, Monthly With Multiple Restore Points)
  • WordPress, Theme, & Plugin Updates
  • Website Performance Audit
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Security Monitoring For Malware And Blacklisting
  • Website Improvement Analysis Report
  • 1 Hour/Mo. Design / Development (i.e. website edits, content updates)  More hours available on upgraded plans or may be purchased.


  • WordPress can be updated if all plugins currently present on the website are compatible with the latest WordPress version or else the functionality might be affected. Compatibility will be assessed before updating.
  • For 1 hour/mo. design / development – we will analyze the given task first and advise whether it fits that time frame. Hours not used can roll forward and be used in subsequent months in that calendar year. Additional cost for scope of work will be quoted but at a reduced rate since you are running an active plan.
  • Any additional functionality such as adding a new plugin would be an additional cost but before that we will check the website’s compatibility and advise accordingly. If we need to purchase any plugins, that will be additional according to the plugin and integration charges. Any performance/speed optimization recommendations will also be quoted as per scope of work.
  • In security monitoring, we monitor that the website is secured in terms that it has no blacklisting or malware. In the monthly report, if we find any, approval may be requested to clean the site and replace/remove the files or recommend another solution if there is something that needs to be taken care of from your hosting company. Some basic malware fixes can be covered under the plan but others may require additional work to resolve and additional cost will be quoted albeit at a reduced rate when running an active plan.
  • We take weekly/monthly back-ups and can restore from the most recent week or even 2 months ago.

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